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VIDEO: Ladies jump in on fan brawl during Spurs-Thunder Game 2

The Thunder have been outclassed by the veteran Spurs through two games of the Western Conference Finals. OKC has shown some fight on the floor, but it turns out just as much scrapping may be going on in the stands. Check out the video below from last night’s game two contest at the AT&T Center. The diligent YouTube poster breaks down the skirmish. We appreciate his fact-based, to-the-point approach.

OKC fan was waving a KD jersey in the air right before the 4th quarter when a drunk Spurs fan from a row behind us walked down and grabbed it, then threw it. OKC fans obviously was pissed so he walked up and punched Spurs fan. OKC’s girlfriend got involved. Spurs fan hit OKC’s girlfriend and choked her. Cops came. Meanwhile, another Spurs fan sucker punched OKC fan. OKC’s girlfriend jumped on Spurs fan. Spurs fan No. 2’s mom then whaled on OKC’s girlfriend in the blue with Louis bag on her shoulder the whole time. Poor older lady next to sister, who I was trying to drag out of harms way, got trampled. So did my sister. Crazy. Whole place, including Thunders bench, was watching us the whole time.

Sure, we miss the haymaker that started it all, but the cat fight is a nice touch. Notice the lady in black at the :10 mark cranking up those righty uppercuts. It’s hard to pick out the Louis Vitton bag referenced as a weapon of mass destruction, but we’ll take our eyewitness account’s word for it. Can’t we all jut get along?


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