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Where are They Now: Checking in on the "White Reggie Bush"

If you do this sports blogging thing long enough, there are certain memorable pieces of content that you file in the archives and have difficulty forgetting — whether they be hilarious, disgusting, controversial and/or unbelievable. Most of these videos or photos then spread like wildfire across the Internet making YouTube legends or losers out of the particular party in focus. Cody Paul would fit into the former category.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps the tag that sports bloggers quickly bestowed upon him will: The White Reggie Bush. One can comb back to the summer of 2007 to see what was likely a nice little spike in searches for “white Reggie Bush” and/or Cody Paul across the Web. Dubbed the WRB for his ridiculous shiftiness, speed and flat-out nasty moves, Paul became an overnight sensation because he was doing it as a Pop Warner Pee Wee player (likely 11 or 12 years old). In fact, many of the jaw-dropping, you’ve-got-to-see-this highlights from the YouTube video that scorched the Internet were from the 2006 season during which his Los Al Pop Warner Pee Wee team went 15-0 and locked down a share of the National Championship.

Now, before we check in on CP today, if you haven’t – or even if you have – relive the awesomeness of this reel that catapulted a Pee Wee player to Internet sports blog cult hero status (if only for a few days):

Several million YouTube views later, Paul was a household name among sports bloggers, with almost every one of the most heavily-trafficked blogs picking up the above video.

So, where’s Cody Paul now? Four years after he “landed” on YouTube and five years after many of those mind-blowing runs for the Los Al Pee Wees, Paul is a junior running back/receiver with the big boys at Los Alamitos High School, a traditional California power. For those USC boosters (jokingly) salivating for an early verbal commit to the Trojans back in ’07, Cody Paul may want to aspire more to Danny Woodhead than Reggie Bush these days. The diminutive White Reggie Bush is still, um, fairly compact. Listed at 5’3 and 145 pounds his size may be one thing keeping him from taking his talents to the next level.

Despite his stature, though, Paul is getting decent run on the varsity level so kudos to the kid for bringing it. And while he may not be toying with defenders as he did back when he was a grade schooler, number five has shown that he’s still got a little shake in those legs. Get off, son. And just check out the Patriots on Monday night and realize short, fast white dudes can make it to the promised land.


  1. Anonymous

    December 9, 2010 at 10:18 am

    los alamitos – that's where sara went to HS!

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