With Ochocinco, people throw rocks at things that shine

“All the world’s a stage” begins a monologue from William Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Whether or not Chad Ochocinco has read that or not (wouldn’t be surprised if he has), he embodies that sentiment. Life IS a play for the New England wide receiver, and he has his critics and detractors because of it. However, many of the comments about him and his attention-grabbing, self-centered super ego are just plain wrong. If you’re not convinced, start to follow him on Twitter and you’ll see that the man is truly playing his way through life, each and every day.

He listens to a wide range of music, and shares what he likes with his followers, encouraging them to listen for themselves. He owns a Bugatti, but prefers his Smart Car. He’s consistently kind and generous to those that love him and those that loathe him. He invites fans of opposing teams to dinner while he’s in town, and picks up the check. He tells his followers his online gamer handle and encourages them to join him in whatever video game he’s about to play. He’s playful and encouraging, and no doubt enjoying the life he’s been blessed with.

However talented he may be, the man works hard. He does not drink, does not smoke, does not party irresponsibly and does not get arrested. His celebrations after touchdowns are light-hearted and in no way disrespectful to the other team. He’s a man having fun, living his life as he sees fit and encourages each and every one of his 3.4 million followers to do the same, everyday:

Image of a Twitter status from Chad Ochocinco

Some say that Chad Ochocinco’s work on Sundays may be heading into its final act, but he’s certainly not going to let that stop him from continuing to view the world as his stage. He has his news network, OCNN. He is a partner in Rocklive, an iPhone and iPad game application development company. He’s a huge international soccer fan, a fan and friend of the Professional Bullriders Association, and has joked about starting an online dating service.

However, there is one stage that he may want to leave to the professionals:

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  1. Phil says:

    I’m a life long Pats fan. I have to admit that Ocho has grown on me. I’m pulling for him to do well in training camp and have a great comeback year. I know the odds might be steep but I’m hoping for him.

  2. Tpayne says:

    Dude’s cool, man. People are just haters cause he’s having fun. Great article. Respect

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