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You can’t stop Scott fu**ing Hairston!

Fear him

Fear him

You can’t stop Scott Hairston, you can only hope to contain him.

Yes, I have been pleasantly surprised (shocked could be another word) at the exploits of one Scott Hairston this season for the New York Mets. The 32 year-old is on pace for career bests in games, home runs, RBI, basically everything. His 12 jacks and 34 RBI in the first half were far beyond my expectations for a player that was essentially set to be a platoon/pinch hitter. Sure, Hairston could occasionally connect on a heater. But leading the team in home runs at the break? C’mon, man!

Apparently, the incredulous sentiment extends to opposing team’s radio broadcast booths. During a recent series with the Phillies, Hairston went deep on consecutive days. It was too much for radio man Scott Franzke to handle causing him to exclaim:

Will somebody figure out how to f***ing get Scott Hairston out? He stinks! Jesus Christ!

Awesome. Who whudda thunk it? Check out the audio below. Oh and yes, of course I’m going to be yelling this out every time Hairston does anything of consequence the remainder of the year. It’s also tremendous coming from the Philadelphia Phillies mouthpieces.

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