You gotta be shipping me? Third 2012 college hoops game to take place on ship deck

Too much of a good thing (Photo: Harry How, Getty Images)

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. We’re quickly approaching such a point with the whole basketball-on-an-aircraft carrier thing. The inaugural “Carrier Classic” was brilliant – by whatever category you attribute it. Marketing stunt. Patriotic play. Pure innovation. All of the above. The result was undeniably spectacular, if judged on photos alone. The notion of an annual high-profile college basketball game against the stunning backdrop of a majestic U.S. Navy vessel? I’m all for it. But c’mon now? Three? All on the same day? You’ve got to be shipping me?

Yes, it seems to be true. Sources are reporting that the Hoyas and Gators will be the headliners of a Carrier Classic match-up on a naval ship off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida on November 6th. Oh yes, and Marquette will be taking on Ohio St. that same day on a vessel outside Charleston, South Carolina. And lest we not forget San Diego St. and the Cuse battling on a retired ship in San Diego. Rumor has it Ole Miss and Kansas will be duking it out on a riverboat casino along the great Mississippi River and the Gophers of Minnesota plan to play pit on Lake Superior. Enough.

I get it. It’s a spectacle. It’s  a sales driver. It promotes college hoops. It’s too much already. Keep the one “Classic” game and make it a privilege. Find a grand and meaningful vessel. Hand-select the teams that make sense. Retain a sense of the game being a bit special. Otherwise, why not just open the entire 2013 season on the open seas. We’ll make it a floating weekend to kick off the college hoops calendar.

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